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Stained Glass Workshop
and Tuition

Glass Class 1.jpg (40394 bytes) The class enables you to draw up a design for a leaded glass panel, use the correct technique for cutting glass and understand how glass reacts when put under strain. You will also build the panel with lead 'came', solder it all together and finally clean and weather it.


Also running at the same time for the more artistic are Copper Foil Classes. Again all to your own design. We can suggest patterns or even kits to help you build your own masterpiece. Glass Class 3.jpg (35675 bytes)
Glass Class 2.jpg (46909 bytes) Our aim is for happy new leaded glass artists that will remember Madge of Creative Glass Designs that taught them this wonderful skill. A skill that relieves stress and is both compulsive and time consuming whilst great fun and everything you make becomes a treasured family heirloom.

They are in high demand so must be filled on a first come, first served basis. Classes are restricted to eight people.

If you decide to be more ambitious you can buy further classes to suit. In fact some of our past students keep on coming back.

A gallery of masterpieces all produced recently by students with no previous experience can be found here. Glass Class 5.jpg (32271 bytes)
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