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Stained Glass Workshop
and Tuition

If you are interested in Stained Glass in all its shapes and sizes then Creative Glass Designs will have something for you. We stock many objects available off the shelf from a simple ornament costing a few pounds to complex windows and lamp shapes. We're happy to design and build to your specification. A large range of unusual gifts for special people is always available.

We also run stained glass courses which will enable you to design and produce your very own creation which you'll treasure for years. It's not difficult and is lots of fun. Why not book someone special a leaded glass course for a present?

Just book your place and we'll go from there - taught by the only Guild of Mastercraftswoman in Edinburgh. Make your very own heirloom, never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

St. Margaret's, 103 Drum Brae South, Edinburgh, EH12 8TN, Scotland
Telephone/fax Edinburgh (0131) 339 5135
Mobile 07745791011

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